Leslie Baptist Church

Led By Christ, Forward Together

48 North Street · Leslie · Fife · Scotland · UK · KY6 3DJ

Welcome to the website of Leslie Baptist Church in Fife, Scotland. We are a lively charismatic church within the Baptist Union of Scotland. We seek to be a Word and Spirit church where the exposition of the Word is central to our Services but where we expect and welcome the Spirit moving in response.

Whether you are a visitor to our area, just curious or are looking for a new Church you will find a warm welcome at our Sunday Service at 11am. We also have a variery of midweek activities for all ages.

You will find us just off the main street in Leslie, Fife:-

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Leslie Baptist Church is a community of Christians – those who recognise and have faith in Jesus Christ as their leader and ruler. We say things like: ‘Jesus is Lord’, ‘Christ is our King’, and ‘God is our Father’. For two-thousand years, since the earliest days of the church’s existence, followers of Jesus have been called ‘Christians’. We have faith and hope in Jesus, who has embodied everything that God is. We learn about him, and what it looks like to follow him from the Bible.

Jesus gathered a bunch of his friends around him and called them his ‘disciples’. All true Christians are disciples – people who journey with and become more and more like Jesus. This is something that is demonstrated in our lives every day – how we live, love and work. We are called to be faithful to God in everything: generosity, mercy, forgiveness, power and compassion. We make mistakes like everyone else – we’re far from perfect. But Jesus taught and demonstrated what God is like, even loving and forgiving his enemies when they betrayed and crucified him.

After Jesus was crucified, God raised him up to life, out of the grave never to die again! We call this ‘resurrection’. And then Jesus told his disciples to share the good news with everyone and to make more and more disciples. That’s our priority – teaching and helping everyone to love God and follow Jesus.

Since Jesus returned to his Father in heaven, we talk about the presence, power and person of the ‘Holy Spirit’. This simply means that God is near, up close and personal with us now, even though we cannot see him. We have been given power to follow Jesus, because God dwells within us.

“ Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. ” Matthew 16:24


One of the distinctive features of Baptist church life is our practice of Christian Baptism. We follow the New Testament pattern of baptising those who have come to personal faith in Jesus Christ – this is commonly known as Believer’s Baptism and is normally by total immersion in water.

Baptists also lay stress on the responsibility of each local church to govern its own life and affairs. The Church Meeting is the place where the members of the local Church gather together to discuss the business and make decisions seeking always to discern the mind of Christ. Leadership in our fellowship is provided by Elders and Deacons, Elders are responsible for the spiritual welfare and oversight of the Church and one of the Elders is normally a full time Pastor accredited by the Baptist Union of Scotland. The Elders are assisted by Deacons who concentrate on the more practical aspects of Church Life such as Property and Finance.

This emphasis on local authority does not mean we are independent from our fellow Baptist Churches instead we are inter-dependent. Whilst recognising the autonomy of each Church we gather together under the banner of the Baptist Union of Scotland to provide training, resourcing, support and encouragement for each other. Leadership within the Union is provided by a team of Core Leaders responsible for areas such as Mission, Youth Work and Minstry.

Baptists believe that everyone should be free to worship according to their beliefs. They have stood for the separation of Church and State yet it is largely true to say that they have been at the forefront of those demonstrating that a lack of formal links between Church and State does not hamper a Christian contribution to society, but rather enhances it. Baptists have been at the forefront of many political movements such as the crusade to abolish slavery.

“ So those who received his word were baptised, and there were added that day about three thousand souls. ” Acts 2:41


As charismatics we believe that all the gifts of the Spirit are available to the church today. This includes prophecy, speaking in tongues, healing etc.

Whilst recognising all the gifts of the Spirit we acknowledge that these function under the authority of the Bible. The subjective revelation, tongue or prophecy can never overturn the Bible, however they can help to illuminate it and to apply it to believers’ lives. For example the Bible teaches the requirement to take the good news of Jesus Christ into all the world (for example the Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20) but no specific word of scripture will tell a prospective missionary whether they are to serve in Chad or Chile, for this the prompting of the Spirit by a vision or prophecy can be useful.

The centrepiece of our services is still the preaching of the Bible but we do look to give opportunities for people to exercise the charismatic gifts and to respond to the sermon. Worship is a very important part of our services – this is a time when we can cast aside distractions and meet with God, preparing our hearts for whatever he wants to teach us.

“ For to one is given through the Spirit the utterance of wisdom, and to another the utterance of knowledge according to the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by the one Spirit, to another the working of miracles, to another prophecy, to another the ability to distinguish between spirits, to another various kinds of tongues, to another the interpretation of tongues. ” 1st Corinthians 12:8-10


Leadership in a Baptist context

As Baptists we beleive that all believers have access to God and have gifts to use in His Service, nevertheless certain individuals have been recognised as particularly blessed with gifts of Leadership.


At LBC we believe both men and women can serve as Elders, and they carry responsibility for the spiritual welfare of the Church. Every member has responsibility in this, but the Elders are recognised and affirmed by the local congregation as having been chosen by God to oversee and lead the church.

Margaret Dunn

Margaret primarily looks after the Pastoral Care of the Fellowship.

Margaret Dunn

Jim Neilson

Jim heads up the Preaching team.

Jim Neilson

Joyce Nicoll

Joyce is responsible for the Pastor Selection Group.

Joyce Nicoll

Alan Milnes

Alan is Chair of the Trustees and is responsible for Governance.

Alan Milnes


Our Deacons are elected from within the congregation to serve in a range of crucial roles within the church – dealing with money, distributing practical resources, managing property, social events, administration, youth and childrens work, coordinating housegroups, evangelism, world mission etc. Our Deacons work closely with the Elders and other members of the church to help make things run smoothly. Two key Deacon roles are those of Church Secretary (responsible for the administration of the Church) and Church Treasurer (responsible for the finances of the Church).

Vacant (Church Secretary)

The position of Church Secretary is currently vacant but we are very grateful to Kathleen Dick for keeping things going in the interim.

Church Secretary

Evelyn Young

Evelyn is our Church Treasurer and oversees the finances of the Church.

Church Treasurer

Carol Neilson

Carol is Assistant Treasurer and assists Evelyn in managing the finances of the Church.

Carol Neilson

Evelyn Wilson

Evelyn looks after our Housegroups programme and also oversees the Toddlers group that meets on a Monday and a Friday.

Evelyn Wilson

Christine Brown

Christine served as Church Secretary until recently and will be taking up a new role after the Summer.

Christine Brown

Mark Simcock

Mark heads up our Childrens and Youth programme, assisted by his wife Kirsty.

Mark Simcock

Lillias Webb

Lillias is responsible for Missions and in particular keeping in contact with our Missionaries.

Lillias Webb

Other Servants

Certain other people in Leslie have significant roles but are not currently part of the formal leadership team.

Trish O'Brien

Trish is our Safeguarding Officer and the contact for any concerns over vulnerable people.

Trish O'Brien

Ross Tulloch

Ross Tulloch heads up the Worship Team and is a gifted musuician.

Ross Tulloch


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